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"I recommend scutten. Cut-tail, if you insist on the vulgar."

Wilem is one of Kvothe's best friends and a student at The University.


Wilem is a young Cealdish man with the typical dark complexion that befits his ancestry. He is the son of wool merchants from Ralien and has a very strong accent, naturally speaking Siaru, the first language in The Ceald.  

Wilem is a generally stoic character, though does enjoy the company of Simmon, Kvothe, and Manet very much; often delighting in drinks with them at different taverns near the University. Specifically, Wilem enjoys drinking scutten, also called Cut-Tail and playing the betting game corners.  

At the University, Wilem works as one of Master Lorren's Scrivs as well as attending classes.

In The Chronicle

Wilem first meets Kvothe in The Archives and they later become close friends. Wilem and Simmon take a personal interest in Kvothe and regularly give him advice in regards to many aspects of his life, though Kvothe is sometimes misleading or cryptic about his intentions. He is generally the voice of reason within Kvothe's clique. His ignorance of Aturan customs is often used within the narration to describe these practices.  

Wilem's chosen fields of study are never stated. He seems to have knowledge of Sympathy and Alchemy, and is a Scriv.  

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