"Waterside money was tight and an empty begging bowl meant a cold, hungry night."

Waterside is the poorest of the two main sections of Tarbean.


Waterside is close to the sea and consists of docks, low wealth businesses, and a small, less desirable residential district. It is the larger of Tarbean's two main parts, the lesser being Hillside. It is a hub for crime as much as trade, stricken by rampant poverty.

In The Chronicle

Kvothe lives in the Waterside district when he comes to Tarbean. He generally survives by begging, sometimes resorting to thievery if necessary. He withstands the brutal metropolitan, finding a secret place where two roofs meet above a tannery. It is in Waterside where Kvothe first meets Trapis and Skarpi, as well as his childhood nemesis, Pike.