Vashet is an Adem mercenary living in Haert. She is highly respected in her community for her martial prowess, and serves as Kvothe's teacher for much of his time among the Adem people.


Vashet is a tall woman with typical Adem features, such as fair skin, blonde hair and grey eyes. Unlike most of her peers, however, she has spent an extensive amount of time living and working as a mercenary outside of Haert, and as a result is well-versed in "barbarian" culture. She speaks Aturan with perfect fluency, and is capable of emoting in the typical non-Adem fashion with ease. 

Place in the Story

Nicknamed "The Hammer," Vashet is the teacher assigned by Shehyn to see if Kvothe's initial instruction in the Lethani and Ketan was a mistake, and to continue teaching him if this was not the case. She served for four years as a private bodyguard and captain for an unknown "poet-king" in the Small Kingdoms, and speaks fluent Aturan. Before coming to Haert to learn the path of the Sword Tree, she was a student in the path of Joy, which she learned in Feant.

Over the course of their training, Vashet and Kvothe engage in a non-romantic sexual relationship common among the Adem, even between a student and teacher. Over the course of Kvothe's training in the school in Haert he dramatically improves at hand and sword fighting, and learns much about the Adem culture, thanks to Vashet's dedicated and determined instruction.