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Trebon (PR: /'tɹeɪbən/)[1] is a small town located roughly 60 miles (by road) north of Imre and the University[2] as told by the Tinker that Kvothe meets on his way. It is noted that Trebon is a fairly backwards town, still celebrating old superstitious traditions during their harvest festivals.

In the Chronicle[]

Kvothe goes to the town after hearing about a wedding party massacre and blue fire at the Mauthen Farm. While there, he finds Denna, the only survivor, and begins to investigate the scene.

After investigating the scene, they search for Denna's mysterious patron. They don't find him, but they do find a pig farmer that tells them that Mauthen found something buried under the house he built and was keeping it as a surprise for his daughter's wedding.

Kvothe and Denna later encounter a draccus, a huge herbivorous fire-breathing lizard. They are able to poison it with denner resin after a lot of trouble, but before it can die, it attacks Trebon, drawn by the light from all the flames of the harvest festival. Kvothe is able to save the town by binding his loden stone to a draccus scale, causing the large iron wheel on the town church to fall on the beast, killing it.

Kvothe awakens in the town inn the next day and is treated like a hero, but they don't want him to stay because he messes with "dark forces." He discovers that the thing that Mauthen had found was a vase with pictures of the different Chandrian and their signs. Kvothe is told this by a girl, Nina, who fears the Chandrian will come for her because she saw the vase. Kvothe gives her a false amulet and performs a fake protection spell to give the girl peace of mind, as she had been on the verge of panic. Denna disappeared after she found that Kvothe had left her in the forest, so he heads back to the University.