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"They were afraid, and they did not wish to become involved in great matters."
―Skarpi about The Ruach[1]

The Ruach are former inhabitants of the Ergen Empire, left behind after The Creation War.


No physical description is offered of the Ruach, though it is surmised they are of a humanoid form. It can be discerned from Felurian's declaration that no original Amyr were mortals, that the Ruach are in fact immortal beings. What abilities they have, if any, is unknown. Selitos describes them as pure of heart, but little else is said of their true nature.

Skarpi's Story[]

Briefly discussed in Skarpi's second story told at The Half Mast, the Ruach are the beings present when Aleph returns to Temerant after the Creation War has ended. It appears his intent is to recruit Selitos as leader of the group later known as the angels, a sort of karmic force that polices the world judging the deeds of its inhabitants.

However, due to the stipulations Aleph requires of his angels, Selitos refuses and instead forms the Order Amyr. It is then that Tehlu steps in to become the first, and apparent leader, of Aleph's faction. He is followed by eight other ruach, Kirel, Deah, Enlas, Geisa, Lecelte, Imet, Ordal, and Andan, all of varying descriptions.

A second group of Ruach join with Selitos as they cannot find it in themselves to forget the betrayal of Lanre and his Chandrian. These become the original Amyr, who are noted by Felurian in The Wise Man's Fear as not being mortals.

Yet a third and larger group of Ruach do not join either organization. What becomes of these is unknown, as the story is abruptly ended by the interruption of Tehlin Priests who believe the story blasphemous and arrest Skarpi for heresy.


There are some theories that the Ruach who followed neither Tehlu nor Selitos are the first of the Edema Ruh, but there is little to support this idea besides the linguistic similarity in their names. Other fans believe they may have been the founders of Adem, while still others believe that the remaining Ruach split and formed both the Edema Ruh and Adem seperately.

Aethe’s founding of the Adem schools: the Ademre were driven to their current location by something disastrous happening. Probably it was the destruction brought on by Lanre.


  • In Hebrew, Ruach means "wind" or "spirit".[2]