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The Name of the Wind Playing Cards is a 52-card deck of playing cards by Albino Dragon. Its production was funded via a Kickstarter campaign that became the number one most succesful graphic design Kickstarter project.[1]


There are three sets of playing cards available:

  • the Standard Edition deck (red back)
  • the Limited Edition deck (green back)
  • Taborlin the Great's Magician's deck (this is a marked deck, and it comes with an additional card that explains how to read them)

The decks contain custom court and pip cards for characters in The Kingkiller Chronicle. Author Patrick Rothfuss collaborated with the artist, Shane Tyree, to get the details right in the illustrations.[2]

♠ Spades ♦ Diamonds ♣ Clubs ♥ Hearts
King Kvothe Kilvin Arliden Stanchion/Deoch
Queen Denna Devi Laurian Fela
Jack Bast Ambrose Young Kvothe Simmon
Ace Folly Kilvin's lamps Arliden's lute Talent pipes

There are two joker cards available, featuring Auri (based on Felicia Day) and Elodin (based on Neil Gaiman), and gaff cards featuring Wilem and Lorren.

Card images