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The Name of the Wind Art Deck was made up of two decks of playing cards by Elodin Enterprises. Its production was funded via a Kickstarter campaign and it was released on August 15, 2017.


There were two collections of playing cards available:

  • The Selas Collection (red back)
    • Selas Deck
    • Selas Alternate Deck (AKA Wind Deck)[1]
  • The Kickstarter-Exclusive Chandrian Collection (blue back)
    • Chandrian Deck
    • Chandrian Alternate Deck

The decks contain custom royal and pip cards for characters in The Kingkiller Chronicle. Author Patrick Rothfuss collaborated with the artist, Echo Chernik, to get the details right in the illustrations. The two Wind/Alternate jokers and the King of Hearts form a triptych of Kote telling his story to Chronicler and Bast.[2] There are three levity prints that display Kvothe playing Jackass, Jackass to Wilem and Simmon, Kvothe and Denna at the Eolian and baby Kvothe being thrown into the air by his father in the troupe.[3]

Cards[4] Spades Diamonds Clubs Hearts
Ace Scrael Pipes Book Waystones
King Kote / Master Lorren Deoch / Skarpi Kilvin / Kote (brooding) Arliden / Stanchion (Patrick Rothfuss)
Queen Denna / Mola Auri / Young Denna Fela / Auri Laurian / Devi
Jack Bast / Master Elodin Simmon / Kvothe (Tarbean) Ambrose / Bast (Fae) Kvothe (young) / Wilem
Standard Selas Abenthy Auri
Alternate Selas Chronicler Bast
Standard Chandrian Cinder Haliax
Alternate Chandrian Tehlu Encanis

Card images[]

Selas Collection:

  • Selas Deck:
  • Wind/Alternate Deck:

Chandrian Collection (Everything else is the same):

Levity Prints