The Lay of Sir Savien Traliard is a song by Illien, and generally considered to be his crowning work.[1]


The Lay of Sir Savien Traliard is an extremely complex song.[1] It consists of two harmonies played simultaneously on the lute, along with both male and female vocal roles. The song is a most tragic ballad and manages to move listeners of the story to tears. It tells of the romance between Savien Traliard and his wife, Aloine.

Male verse[2]

Still! Sit! For though you listen long
Long would you wait without the hope of song
So sweet as this. As Illien himself set down
An age ago. Master work of a master’s life
Of Savien, and Aloine the woman he would take to wife.

Female verse[2]

Savien, how could you know
It was the time for you to come to me?
Savien, do you remember
The days we squandered pleasantly?
How well then have you carried what
Have tarried in my heart and memory?

In the Chronicle

At the combined party celebrating Kvothe's twelfth birthday and Abenthy's farewell Arliden and Laurian performed The Lay of Sir Savien Traliard. Arliden played the lute and sang the male verses, while Laurian sang the counter-harmony. It is one of the handful of times Arliden performed the whole song. According to Kvothe, Arliden is the only one in the troupe who could do the song justice due to the complexity of the song. At the end of the song all members in the troupe were quiet and moved to tears.[1]

In order to earn his talent pipes at the Eolian, Kvothe performs this song, with the fervent desire that a female would volunteer her voice for the counter-melody; upon repeating the chorus, Denna obliges. Part way through his performance, one string on his lute snaps, likely due to an act of sympathy by Ambrose, who was in the audience at the time. Kvothe manages to finish the song with one fewer string, given his experience gained from his time in the forest following his troupe's slaughter.[2]


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