The Half-Mast is a bar in the Waterside district of Tarbean. Little is known about it, save that its owner and barkeeper is bald.

In The Story

Kvothe, in his orphan years in Tarbean, traveled to the Half-Mast upon hearing rumors of a storyteller there. He had heard from a girl in Trapis's basement that the storyteller would give one silver Talent to anyone with a story he didn't know. Overcoming his fear of Pike, who lived in Dockside, Kvothe traveled to the Half-Mast, where he found Skarpi. There Skarpi told the story of Lanre and the creation of the Chandrian, somewhat at the request of Kvothe. It was this story that awakened Kvothe's long repressed curiosity, which had been absent during his three homeless years in Tarbean. Later, upon returning to the Half-Mast in the hopes of hearing another story, Kvothe catches the end of the story that gets Skarpi arrested by the Tehlin Justice Erlus. They take him from the bar and terrorize the innkeeper, who in an attempt to appease them first offers them a drink of Fallow White, and when they refuse, the money equal to the price of the wine.

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