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The Four Corners of Civilization is the civilised world encompassing The Commonwealth, Ceald, Modeg, and Vintas.


Respectively, the four corners are Tarbean, Renere, Ralien, and Cershaen.[1] The term in general refers to the countries where those cities are (see above). Ademre is not part of the Four Corners,[2] and Yll is presumed not to be.[3] It is uncertain if The Small Kingdoms are or not. The best definition appears to be 'places where Cealdish currency is widely used'.[4]

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    "You’d have to leave your precious corners far behind before you found someone who might take you seriously. You wouldn’t have a hope until you made it to the Stormwal."
  3. The Name of the Wind, Chapter 38: "Sympathy in the Mains"
    "For tomorrow, you can prepare a report on Yll’s lunar calendar
    compared to the more accurate, civilized Aturan calendar that you should be familiar with by now."
    ―Master Hemme
  4. The Name of the Wind, Chapter 33: "A Sea of Stars"
    "Pennies spent well enough here in Tarbean, but Cealdish money was solid no matter where in the four corners you found yourself."