Temerant is the world where the events of The Kingkiller Chronicle take place.


The entire geographical extent of Temerant is unknown; most of the known part is occupied by a very large peninsula extending west from the Stormwal Mountains. It is mentioned that the world stretches past these mountains into a region whose geography is mainly unknown but that includes at least the Tahl Forest and a large desert, mentioned by a girl when Skarpi is telling his stories.

The territory of the known part is split into several nations, including:

  • The Four Corners of Civilization, which represent the civilized world, and within which are located the following:
    • The Commonwealth, located in the southwest.
    • The country of Ceald, located in the northwest.
    • The country of Modeg, located in the northeast.
    • The country of Vintas, located in the southeast.
    • The Aturan Empire, located mainly in the middle of the Four Corners, between Ceald and the Commonwealth to the west and Modeg and the Small Kingdoms to the east.
    • The Small Kingdoms, located south of the Aturan Empire and west of Vintas.
    • The country of Yll, which shares an island with the Commonwealth, south of the mainland.
  • Ademre: A land located in the foothills of the Stormwal Mountains, northeast of Modeg.

Coexisting alongside the mortal world is the realm of The Fae, a parallel universe inhabited largely by supernatural creatures.


A great variety of species inhabits Temerant, including:

  • Humans/Mortals: The main species in Temerant.
  • Draccus: A species of large herbivorous reptilian creatures, known for their ability to breathe fire.
  • Scrael: A species of spider-like creatures considered demons by the commonfolk.
  • Angels: A race of supernatural beings who serve under Aleph in bringing justice to the mortal world, and who protect and guide human beings.
  • Skin dancers: A race of Fae creatures that can possess and control the bodies of living organisms.
  • Sipquicks/flits: A species of small, pretty nectar-feeding birds.
  • Cats: A small, usually furry, domesticated and carnivorous mammal.
  • Dogs: A small, usually furry/hairy, domesticated and carnivorous mammal.
  • Rats: A small furry rodent.
  • Demons: A catch-all term for any non-human creatures for which the average human has no frame of reference.


Main article: Magic

There are at least six types of magic in the world of Temerant.[1] They can be separated into two predominant types of apparent magic:

  • Arcanist's arts: Arts practiced by arcanists and students of the University.
    • Alchemy: an art that uses chemistry-like principles to concoct potions which can produce any manner of results
    • Sympathy and sygaldry: an art that uses strength of will (in the case of sympathy) and the application of runes (in the case of sygaldry) to usurp the laws of physics and manipulate energy
    • Naming: an art that invokes a True Name, typically of an elemental substance such as wind or rock, to command the named thing to behave as one wills
  • Fae magic: Magic wielded by Fae creatures.
    • Glammourie: a type of Faen magic that is the art of making something seem.
    • Grammarie: a type of Faen magic that is the craft of making things be.


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