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"Tarbean is big enough that you cannot walk from one end to the other in a single day. Not even if you avoid getting lost or accosted in the tangled web of twisting streets and dead end alleys. It was too big, actually. It was vast, immense. Seas of people, forests of buildings, roads wide as rivers. It smelled like urine and sweat and coal smoke and tar. If I had been in my right mind, I never would have gone there."
Kvothe describes Tarbean.

Tarbean (PR: /tɑɹˈbiːən/)[1] is a massive coastal city in the Southern Commonwealth, home to both the rich and the poor.


Located on The Reft, Tarbean is a fishing city that has grown into a thriving metropolitan center. It is so large many say it is impossible to walk from one end of the city to the other in a single day. More like many cities cobbled into one, it is organized into innumerable districts: Downings, Drover Court, the Wash, Middletown, Tallows, Tunning, Dockside, the Tarway, Seamline Lane, etc. For the most part, however, Tarbean is divided into two districts: Waterside and Hillside. Waterside is closest to the sea, and as such is comprised of the docks, lowly taverns, cheap shops, and low wealth residential. It is filled with beggars, thieves, criminals, and most other imaginable types who one would dread coming upon in a dark ally. This is where Kvothe spends his three years after his family is killed.

Hillside is far away from the crude types that make their living from the sea, and is filled with banks, expensive shops, and immense manor houses. Noblemen and women live in Hillside, and patrolling guards make sure that it stays that way. Beggars are not tolerated, thieves are nigh on nonexistent, and shop owners fear to barter with their customers, lest they are important.  Kvothe makes his way to this side of Tarbean to beg, and earns one whole silver penny from a young woman..  He is then confronted by a guard, beaten in an alley, and left for dead in a snowbank.  As he begins to regain consciousness, he sees two demons standing infront of him, one seemingly called Holly.  The other one is Encanis, the Lord of Demons.  He wants to take Kvothe with him, but cannot as they are being pursued by a horde of people. 

Known Establishments in Tarbean[]

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