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Talent Pipes

Talent Pipes are a mark of merit from the Eolian, a tavern in Imre.

In The Chronicle

It costs one silver talent for a chance to play and possibly earn your "pipes" at The Eolian. It is very difficult to earn your Talent Pipes and generally requires you to be one of the very best musicians in the world. Once someone has earned their pipes they can play at the Eolian for free whenever they wish. The wearer may also bring friends to The Eolian for free. Musicians who have earned their pipes are more highly regarded by innkeepers. Patrons are also more inclined to musicians with their pipes as it is a mark of skill, quality, and talent.

Stanchion has a set of golden pipes as earrings and according to Patrick Rothfuss, Deoch also owns a set of golden pipes.[1][2]

Background Information

  • Patrick Rothfuss gave Badali Jewellery the rights to produce talent pipe merchandise.[3]
  • A batch of golden pipes were created for Patrick Rothfuss to give out as prizes and rewards.[2]
  • A Talent Pipes Pin for PAX Prime 2014 was available at Geek Chic and Patrick Rothfuss's signing events. 

Images of Talent Pipes


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