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"Sygaldry, simply put, is a set of tools for channeling forces. Like sympathy made solid."

Sygaldry is a discipline of magical study taught at the University under the heading of Artificery.


Sygaldry involves the use and application of runes, which create effects similar to a permanent form of sympathy. There are 197 runes, and they can be used in a variety of combinations to perform a wide assortment of effects on various materials.

Sygaldry can be used in a multitude of ways, the most common example of sygaldry are sympathy lamps, which converts ambient heat in the environment into light. other uses include; Light Emitters, the Bloodless, coolers, simultaneous bells, and many other items that generally affect some part of life.

Kvothe claims to have learned all of the runes in seven days, a process that takes most students at least a month. Part of his ability to accomplish this can be attributed to a mnemonic song he created himself to help learn them:[1]

"Ule and doch are
Both for binding
Reh for seeking
Kel for finding
Gea key
Teh lock
Pesin water
Resin rock"
―Kvothe's mnemonic song[2]


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