The Stormwal Mountains are an enormous mountain range which lie east of Modeg and Vintas, and form the eastern boundary of the Four Corners of Civilization.

In the chronicles

When Kvothe visited the Cthaeh, he was told that he wouldn't have a hope of his search for the Chandrian being taken seriously until he made it to the Stormwal. This persuaded Kvothe to go with Tempi back to Ademre. He described the land at the foot of the Stormwal as rocky and jagged, with a narrow road that snaked back and forth to avoid box valleys, bluffs, and jumbles of broken rock. The air in the Stormwal is thin and cool. [1]

There are many legends in the Four Corners regarding the land beyond the Stormwal, including stories about the nomadic Tahl people who are said to live there. It's said that the land beyond the Stormwal is "a great sand sea", where there are sand snakes that come out of the ground like sharks, and men who hide under the dunes and drink your blood instead of water.[2]

When Kvothe gave Nina a supposed charm against demons, he told her that he had received this charm while visiting a place called Veloran, which was far away across the Stormwal Mountains. [3]


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