"You've got a good eye for a crowd, boy. This one's ripe for a sad song."

Stanchion is co-owner of the Eolian with his partner Deoch.


Stanchion is of medium build with a round, bearded face. His hair is deep red and he has a small stomach paunch. He's a cheerful man, and a notorious gossip when he drinks.

In The Chronicle

As partial owner of the Eolian, Stanchion works to provide the entertainment for the tavern, introducing musical acts and determining which musicians play well enough to earn a set of talent pipes.

He was initially impressed with Kvothe's confidence, and after Kvothe proved his skill by playing the Lay of Sir Savien Traliard while missing a string, Stanchion took a liking to him. They quickly became friends.

Kvothe often visited Stanchion and Deoch at the Eolian when he was searching for Denna or otherwise needed somewhere to relax.