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"Two Hours? You don't know anything about me at all."
―Sleat to Kvothe

Sleat is a dark-haired and dark-eyed character who was a student of the University.

He has a knack for arranging things. You pay him, you get anything you want if the price is right. He is considered an unsavory character, but seems to operate just barely on the right side of the iron law for the most part. Sleat could perhaps be considered a fence.

Kvothe looked for him in the Bale, the worst tavern in the University town, which was Sleat's place of negotiations. Kvothe was interested in the sketches for a Gram, but as the price to acquire them was too high. Instead, Kvothe ended up buying a crossbow, which he needed to test his project in the Artificery.

Sleat is similar to Kvothe in that he is interested in and worried about cultivating his own reputation.

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