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"Simmon [...] had a great deal to offer. He was a gemstone in the rough. Not stunning at first glance, but with a great deal of worth beneath the surface. Sim was tender, kind, and attentive [...] Sim was a prince."

Simmon (PR: /'sɪmən/)[2], usually referred to as Sim, is one of Kvothe's best friends at the University.


Simmon is described as an emotional character, with sandy hair and light eyes. He is the fourth son of Duke of Dalonir in the Aturan Empire, and enjoys the gambling game Corners and hates to lose bets. He is 3 years older than Kvothe.

In The Chronicle[]

Simmon is a common cohort of Kvothe, and often displays a soft demeanor. For example, after the competition at the Eolian, where Kvothe wins his talent pipes . Simmon is so overcome with emotion he cannot prevent himself from crying as he attempts to congratulate Kvothe.

Being the fourth son of a Duke, his father planned a career for him as a diplomat, which is why he was sent to the University. While studying, however, he found his love for alchemy and poetry and entered the Arcanum. He subsequently studied three semesters of Eld Vintic poetry with Master Linguist Herma. Despite his success in his chosen fields, his father is left displeased with his deviation. Because of this Simmon never goes home.

Due to his knowledge of Alchemy, Kvothe goes to Sim upon his realization that he has been poisoned by Ambrose Jakis during admissions in The Wise Man's Fear. It is Simmon who properly identifies the poison as plum bob, and keeps Kvothe from doing anything foolish until the effects have mostly subsided.

While Kvothe is away in Vintas, Simmon enters into a relationship with Fela. An attraction which began on her side during their search for a gram schema. Simmon had long thought Fela beautiful, but being thrown together they become friends which sets the groundwork for their developing relationship.


Despite being far down the line to the Aturan Throne, some fans speculate that it is possible Sim is the King eventually killed by Kvothe, others conject he may be the angel Chronicler describes him killing in the frame story. Neither theory can be strongly validated.

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