"About time we got a touch of luck."

Shep is a resident of Newarre and frequent patron of the Waystone Inn.


Shep is a farmer in Newarre, as well as a close friend of Graham and Jake. They often come to the Waystone to drink, listen to stories from Old Cob, and gossip.

In The Chronicle

In the frame story, Shep comes to the Waystone Inn where he spends time with his friends listening to stories. It is suggested something bad had recently occurred at his farm, leaving him in a somewhat dark and quiet disposition at the start of the narrative. What this incident might be remains undiscussed. He is present when Carter arrives at the Waystone with the scrael, a creature that leaves him and his friends disturbed. At the end of The Name of the Wind, Shep is murdered by a skin dancer when he attempts to dispatch it with a kitchen knife. It is subsequently killed by Aaron.