Shehyn is an older Adem woman and the head of the school in Haert to which Tempi belongs, the path of the sword tree. She has a deep understanding of the Lethani, is a marvellous teacher, and remains an excellent fighter despite her age. She assigns Vashet to determine if Kvothe is of the Lethani and worthy of being taught the Ketan.

Shehyn forbids Kvothe from teaching the Ketan to others, wearing mercenary red, or consider himself one of or equal to the Adem. This is supposedly to protect the reputation of Ademre , whether he wins battles or loses them. Saicere, the Adem sword he was given along with the name "Maedre", must be returned to Ademre upon his death.

When Kvothe asks for information on the Chandrian, or "Rhinta", Shehyn tells him the story of seven cities and one city, another variant of the creation war stories. This is under the condition that Kvothe does not ask question afterwards, and that he doesn't mention it until he has walked a thousand miles and slept a thousand nights. This is to avoid confrontation with the Chandrian, as mentioning their names works like a tracking device. Shehyn ends the story with a rhyme, revealing the names of the Seven:

Cyphus bears the blue flame.

Stercus is in thrall of iron.

Ferule chill and dark of eye.

Usnea lives in nothing but decay.

Grey Dalcenti never speaks.

Pale Alenta brings the blight.

Last there is the lord of the seven:

Hated. Hopeless. Sleepless. Sane.

Alaxel bears the shadow's hame.

There is speculation that "Ferule" and "Alaxel" are the True Names of Cinder and Haliax.

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