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A shaed (PR: /ʃeɪd/)[1] is a type of cloak made from shadows by using the Fae magic of grammarie. In The Wise Man's Fear, Felurian makes a shaed for Kvothe to protect him when he returns to the mortal world. It is referred by many people relating Kvothe's stories as the shadow cloak. The act of wearing a shaed is called being enshaedn.

Making of the Shaed[]

The making of the shaed by Felurian is described only vaguely in The Wise Man's Fear as Kvothe is not familiar with the magic that is used to create it. First, Felurian travels with Kvothe deep into the Faen realm to a part that is very densely dark. There Felurian gathers pieces of shadow from the trees, bushes, and stones.

Next, she sits down between rays of starlight and starts collecting pieces of the starlight and sewing them into the shadow. Kvothe is immensely startled by this whole process as he understands that shadow and light are not physical. When he asks Felurian how she can take hold of a shadow, she motions with one hand, as if reaching for a piece of fruit, suggesting that the process is completely natural for her. Nevertheless, Kvothe does learn that a Fae magic called grammarie which is the "art of making things be" is used to make the shaed.

After the starlight was woven into the shaed, Felurian tells Kvothe that the moon will help her enbighten the shaed. When the moon came out, she wefts strands of moonlight into the folds of the shadow.

Kvothe relates to the Chronicler that though he helped a little in the shaed's creation, it was Felurian "who gathered the shadow, wove it with moon and fire and daylight." This suggests that fire and daylight were also woven into the shaed.

For the final part of the shaed's creation, Felurian uses an iron buckle of Kvothe's to finish her work on the shadow cloak. She tells Kvothe to leave her alone until she finishes making the shaed, leaving us ignorant as to how iron is used in the shaed's creation. It was during this time that Kvothe encounters the evil Cthaeh.

Properties of the Shaed[]

The shaed has several unique properties associated with it.

  • It is very malleable, able to be shaped according to the wearer's will. [2][3]
  • It provides camouflage to the wearer when it is dark, making them very difficult to spot. This characteristic helps Kvothe sneak past the Fake Edema Ruh Troupe without being detected.[4]
  • It moves on its own accord, even with no wind. When Kvothe returns to the Pennysworth Inn, a person remarked that it was blowing gently as if by a breeze even though there was no wind out.[5][6]
  • It billows less than it should in the wind.[7]
  • It has protective properties of some sort. After Kvothe is stabbed by the false trouper Alleg, the blow that should have been fatal merely gave him a long, shallow cut across his belly.[8]
  • Due to its ordinary appearance, most people assume that the shaed Kvothe wears is an ordinary, albeit fancy, cloak, though namers appear to have the ability to recognise it.[9][10]

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