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Severen is the city in Vintas where Kvothe is sent by Count Threpe to enter the service of the Maer Alveron.

Severen is divided into two chief sections: Severen-High and Severen-Low.


Because Severen-High is located up a sheer cliff face, traveling between the two areas is limited to a few methods of transport. Two, zigzagging staircases have been cut into the Sheer and are free to use, making it the preferred route of the common folk living in Severen-Low. There is also a freight lift engineered by two former University students. The freight lift is described to be a wooden platform, large enough to transport horses and wagons up the cliff face. It costs a penny going up and a halfpenny going down. Vintic superstition and distrust for anything arcane prevents many Severen citizens from using the freight lift. The alternative to the freight lift is the horse lifts. Using a system of pulleys, the lift is brought up the Sheer by a team of twenty horses. It costs a full silver eighth-bit to ride, making it a popular choice for the nobility. It is also the fastest of the three methods mentioned. The horse lift is described as an open-sided box with a brass rail running around the edge. Hempen ropes connect to the corners providing some stability, however any jarring motions from passengers can set the lift swaying. It is customary for the nobility riding the horse lifts to turn their back on Severen. Gawking is considered a behavior practiced by the common folk.

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