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Puppet is mysterious character who resides in the Archives, in what was a reading hole. His face is smooth and unlined, but his hair is pure white and thin on top. He is called Puppet, presumably because he carves wooden puppets of people.

In the Chronicle

He is commonly visited by Wilem and Simmon when they need questions answered. Puppet is alluded to by Wil and Sim many times before Kvothe is actually able to meet him. This meeting is delayed by Kvothe's banishment from the Archives. Kvothe eventually meets Puppet in The Wise Man's Fear. Kvothe finds it odd that Master Lorren allows him to live there.

Puppet describes himself as a see-er, the definition of E'lir, and what the Fae refer to glammourie as.


  • Puppet is Master Ash, and his use of the puppets during Kvothe's visit represent Denna being beaten.
  • He knows what is behind the four-plate door. When Kvothe asks him what is behind the door, he replies that it is of no concern to a student, and not that he does not know what is behind it.
  • Puppet is Teccam, still standing in front of his cave ( behind the curtain) still teaching students as depicted in the window in Mains.
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