Newarre is the town where the Waystone Inn is located and the setting of the frame story.


The town is characterized as a small farming community. It has a mayor, a family of shepherds, several farms, a bakery, a church, a miller, a blacksmith, and a carpenter, as well as The Waystone Inn. Whether or not other local businesses exist is unknown. Like Imre there is an Old Stone Bridge which acts as a local landmark. In the Lightning Tree it is revealed that a set of fallen Waystones are also present. It is near the small towns of Abbott's Ford and Rannish.


  • Jenna
  • Katie Miller
  • Kostrel
  • The Lant's: Mayor, an unnamed wife and daughter, as well as two bastard sons by the Widow Creel, and Viette the youngest daughter of the mayor. No doubt they also have a cat Princess Icing Bun.
  • The Bentleys: Hap, Mary, daughter Syl and the baby Ben.
  • The Alards: Kale Alard has brother who is unnamed.
  • The Williams': Jessom and "Nettie" there son Rike and two younger daughters Tess and Bip a baby. Rike also mentions an 'Aunt Sellie' who apparently lives alone.
  • Tam
  • Gretta
  • Brann the baker's youngest son.
  • Old Nan doesn't like Rike Williams. She lives as far west as one can still be considered part of the town.
  • Ensal
  • Wilk and Pem aged ten and 5 respectively.

In The Chronicle

Newarre is the home of Kote and Bast, they tend the Waystone Inn catering to patrons and offering lodging to travellers. It is featured heavily in the frame story, where Kote is reciting his life story to Chronicler.


Newarre is most likely in Vintas

The name sounds very similar to "Nowhere", and considering the author's care for words and names (and Kvothe's as well), would suit it very well, as in a small town of no importance, nowhere, so that "Kvothe is hiding in the middle of nowhere".

The pronunciation of the name by author Patrick Rothfuss sounds very similar to the word "Noir". In french this translates to "black". As this is where Kote can be found it could be used as a metaphore for the character's current phase of life.

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