Modeg is a country in the northeastern part of the Four Corners of Civilization. It has its own language, called Modegan, and currency, as well as a vibrant culture and lengthy history. Its capital is Cershaen.



Modeg is bordered by the Aturan Empire to the west, the Small Kingdoms to the southwest, Vintas to the south, and Ademre and the Stormwal Mountains to the east. Modeg contains most of the Eld and portions of the Great Stone Road.

Its climate, at least in parts of Modeg, is more temperate than the Commonwealth, despite being farther north.[1]


Modegans are considered to be very attractive, with a penchant for high cheekbones, an olive skin tone, and a melodic, sensuous accent and language. Aristrocratic fashions tend towards colorful dyes and rich fabrics, such as silk and suede. Ladies' dresses are made with loose, flowing skirts.[2]

Much like their counterparts in Vintas, Modegans place a great deal of emphasis upon family history and position in society. The royal lineage is older than any in the Four Corners, stretching back more than a thousand years, with other noble Modegan families having similarly long histories.[1] Most noble families have a considerable amount of wealth, and are staunchly opposed to bartering.

Elaborate court dances, where partners must dance inches apart without allowing their bodies to touch, are popular in Modeg. It is also expected that, when you greet someone formally, you put your hand over theirs and kiss the back of your own thumb. Intimacy, however, is seen as casual, and many Modegans consider people in most other nations of the Four Corners to be prudish by comparison. Modeg is home to some of the most skillful and refined courtesans in the known world.

Many Modegan tragedies have a character known as the Silent Doctor, whose presence signifies catastrophe in the following act. Their plays have a fondness for faerie-stories, but Modegans themselves likely have a tendency to be less superstitious than people in the other large nations. There are several stories which claim the High King of Modeg to be the wisest ruler in Temerant. There is some debate, however, as to whether he continues to hold significant power, or if he's merely a figurehead.


The Pendenhale, also known as the Modegan great harp or pedal harp, was once considered the “king of instruments", five hundred years ago.

Modeg is also famous for its longbows. Although they take skill to wield, and are expensive, a Modegan longbow can shoot with as much force as a crossbow.

Modegan currency isn't recognized by most Cealdish traders.[3] This is implied, at least in part, to be because of unresolved economic problems due to subinfeudation.[1]


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