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The Mews are the living areas at The University. They are a three-storied grey building with many windows and eight wings. These wings, connected at the hub, make it appear to be a large compass rose.

While the Mews are not the only place to live; most students seem to live there.

You must pay to live in the Mews.

  • For one talent, you get a bunk.
  • For two talents, you can share a room.
  • For three talents, you can get your own room.

A meal chit, which is free access to meals three times a day in the Mess, is included if you buy a bunk in the Mews.


  • Non-Arcanum student bunks are on the east wing on the fourth foor. Kvothe comments that they're the furthest from the bathing facilities.
  • According to Kvothe, the bathing facilities are on the ground floor.
  • Sovoy comments that his room is on the third floor.
  • There are bunks in the west wing that are for Arcanum students.

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