Marten is a Vintic mercenary who usually works with his companions Hespe and Dedan. He is an archer of some repute. He was contracted by Maer Alveron and helped Kvothe and Tempi in their mission at The Eld, to stop bandits that were robbing the Maer's tax collectors. Marten is also a skilled tracker as well as archer and seems to be a somewhat superstitious character.

When the group came upon the bandits in the Eld, he helped Kvothe defeat them by providing him with an arrow that the young arcanist used to fuse a sympathetic link. Marten also drew the attention of the bandits' leader, who was later discovered to be Cinder of The Chandrian, by saying a prayer.

After the bandits were defeated, he encountered Felurian along with the rest of the group but avoided following her.

In one of his stories he tells a tale about Taborlin the Great. The story dissolves into an argument when Marten describes Taborlin's sword as being made of copper. Dedan and Hespe protest this as copper would not hold an edge and therefore would not make a good sword.


Copper is nameless and so Taborlin's sword being made of it does make sense as it would defend him against other Namers.

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