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"Lads, I'm in a betting mood..."

Manet is one of Kvothe's friends at The University.


Manet is described as a man of at least 50 years with wild hair and a grizzled beard. He has been at The University for nearly thirty years and consciously avoids moving past the rank of E'lir. He appears to have no interest in ever being promoted to a full arcanist. Due to this, he is derided by some as "The Eternal E'lir."

In The Chronicle

Kvothe meets Manet on his first day at The University. Despite his crotchety demeanor, they become fast friends and often enjoy each others company, regularly eating together in the University's mess hall during the event of The Name of the Wind.

Despite Manet's low ranking in the Arcanum, he is a respected student. Due to his long tenure with The University he can often offer background information on past events and Masters. He is Kvothe's first mentor in artificing, teaching him all he needs to know to move to the next level and work as free agent in the Fishery.


Some fans speculate a connection between Manet and Master Elodin due to them both asking Kvothe the same question within the narrative.

"You have three spades in your hand and there have been five spades played. How many spades is that?"


  • "Manet" translates to "Stays" in Latin.