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"Nine tenths of alchemy is chemistry. And nine tenths of chemistry is waiting."

Mandrag is the Master Alchemist at the University. He is described as a smooth-faced, skeletal man with hands that are stained with dozens of different colors.

In the Chronicle

Master Mandrag was first introduced during Kvothe's admissions interview at the University, where he reminded Kvothe of his first mentor, Abenthy. Subsequently, he was present for Kvothe's first charge of malfeasance, where he voted in favor of Kvothe being whipped, and against him being admitted into the arcanum. During Kvothe's conflict with Ambrose, however, he voted in favor of Kvothe being promoted to the rank of Re'lar.

Kvothe had briefly entertained the idea, when he had been admitted into the arcanum, of gaining Mandrag's support for promotion to Re'lar. He decided against it, as he didn't have much educational background in alchemy, and Mandrag had numerous E'lir he was supporting already. It's implied that Kvothe took chemistry courses from him before having a falling out with one of Mandrag's gillers, Anisat, and giving up on the discipline altogether.

Mandrag taught several of Simmon and Fela's classes, and had a minor feud with Sovoy, who threatened him with a riding crop when he was passed over for promotion. He also taught Auri, and likely Devi as well.