Mains is the oldest and most distinctive building at the University, where a large number of classes take place. It's comprised of many different sections, built over a long period of time, and covers nearly an acre and a half of land. Its roof is made of several different materials - such as slate, clay, and tin - and it has a large number of chimneys.

It has hallways that take odd turns or dead-end unexpectedly, so that it can easily take twenty minutes to walk from one room to another, even if those rooms are only fifty feet apart. Large sections of the Mains are in disuse, and some rooms are bricked off entirely.

Within the Mains there's an old courtyard, long since abandoned, which is only accessible through a high window in one of the lecture halls, by climbing down an apple tree from the roof, or through a drainage grate in the Underthing. This is where Kvothe practices his music, and meets with Auri to exchange gifts. She refers to this place as "Applecourt."

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