"Her voice was a commandment. Her voice was steel and stone"
Skarpi about Lyra[1]

Lyra is one of the most powerful namers in the Ergen Empire.


Lyra is described within the text as terrible and wise. She is listed by Selitos as one of the only beings able to rival his own power in naming. She is married to Lanre, and fights by his side during The Creation War.

In The Chronicle

When Lanre is slain at the Blac of Drossen Tor, Lyra uses her mastery over naming to resurrect him. This event is credited with turning the tide of the Creation War, bolstering hope for an eventual victory. Unfortunately, years later, Lyra somehow dies, whether by natural causes or not remains a mystery.

The loss of Lyra drives her husband to seek the power to bring her back. Lanre gains a terrible power but could not call Lyra back, his life became a burden without her. Driven to suicide Lanre becomes Haliax when his hard won power burns him back into life.