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"I have a great respect for curiosity."
―Master Lorren to Kvothe[1]

Master Lorren is the Master Archivist, he is in charge of The Archives at the University.


Master Lorren is tall, over 6 1/2 feet. He has very long features and rarely shows emotion. It is his job to tend the Archives, a task which he completes with the help of his Scrivs, current students, who work in the repository.  He also has a few Gillers, the most notable of these being Viari. Their jobs are to search for rare books outside the University and retrieve them to be added to the Archives. However, the rarest of these books are kept in Lorren's private collection. At times, Master Lorren has been known to search out books himself, leaving the University to retrieve them.

In The Chronicle

In The Name of the Wind, Master Lorren assists Kvothe in getting admitted to the University by agreeing to purchase back the book, Rhetoric and Logic, which he was forced to pawn to reach the institution. This book is necessary to prove his requisite teaching with an arcanist has been met.

After Kvothe's entrance into the Tomes, Master Lorren discovers that he is requesting books in regards to The Chandrian and the Amyr, he privately meets with Kvothe to discourage his quest for information on either groups. Shortly after this occasion, Master Lorren bans Kvothe from the Archives altogether when he is caught inside with an open flame, thus raising the dislike between Kvothe and Ambrose Jakis to actively pursued hatred.

In The Wise Man's Fear, it is revealed that Master Lorren intends to suspend Kvothe for a year and a day, but is instead swayed by Master Elodin to allow him access after he takes Kvothe on as his Re'lar.[2]

From the Author

In The Name of the Wind, Lorren asks about Kvothe's father shortly after his admissions interview, referring to him as "Arliden the Bard." However, an emotional and confused Kvothe rebukes him instead of answering him. Patrick Rothfuss later revealed in an interview with that Lorren asked Kvothe about his father in hopes of having his help identifying songs in the archives that may have been written by Arliden, but not attributed to him.[3]


Many fans speculate that Lorren may be a part of the Order Amyr. This is due to his objections to Kvothe's search for information on them, as well as the mysterious disappearance of books about the Amyr and The Chandrian.