"A man with one hand will never wrestle the roundings. A man with one leg will never run as quickly as a man with two."

Maershon Lerand Alveron, commonly referred to as the Maer, is a Vintish noble from a family line with power to rival the monarchy.


Maer Alveron is described as every bit a king without the crown and title. He has most of the same powers as the King of Vintas, Roderic Calanthis. He is physically described as having a serious and proud face, with a well-trimmed but graying beard. He has thick dark hair with clever and piercing clear grey eyes.

In The Chronicle

The Maer calls upon Count Threpe to find him a young man talented with words; knowing Kvothe's plight in finding a patron, Threpe recommends him for the position.

Though Kvothe's purpose in going to Vintas is originally to obtain a writ of patronage, soon after arriving he incidentally discovers that the Maer is being poisoned by a member of the Arcanum named Caudicus.  This wins Kvothe the favor of the Maer, but not yet his desired patronage. The Maer then reveals that his purpose in seeking someone with Kvothe's talents is to win the heart of Meluan Lackless whom he wishes to marry. Kvothe uses his feelings for Denna to write songs and letters that successfully woo Meluan in just one month.

After his success in convincing Meluan to wed the Maer, the Maer employs Kvothe to lead a group of mercenaries in the hunt for bandits that have been disturbing local towns and tax collectors in The Eld. It is not clear whether Maer Alveron truly believed Kvothe capable of this task, but the young protagonist nevertheless manages to complete it. It is during this venture that Kvothe meets Cinder, of the Chandrian, for the second time; he also meets Felurian and is sucked into the Fae. While in the Fae, Kvothe stumbles upon the creature known as the Cthaeh, who suggests that Kvothe stick to the Maer, as that will lead him to the door of the Amyr.

Upon his return from the assignment, Kvothe meets with Meluan and the Maer, who show him a Lackless family heirloom: a box with no visible lid or lock. The Maer hopes the clever young arcanist might be able to answer some questions on the mysterious item, but Kvothe is unable to come to any substantial conclusions. It is during this encounter that Meluan discovers Kvothe's heritage as an Edema Ruh and subsequently garners her dislike due to her prejudice against the Ruh. This results in Kvothe's dismissal from Vintas, though the Maer comes to an agreement with him to further his education at The University.