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"I know a poem about Lackless!"
―Young boy in troupe of non-Ruh performers[1]

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The Lackless poem is a poem with two versions. One is about Lady Lackless and the other is about the a door related to the Lackless family.


The rhyme is sung by children. There are at least two versions of the rhyme known in the Four Corners of Civilization.

Girl's version

Seven things has Lady Lackless
Keeps them underneath her black dress
One a ring that's not for wearing
One a sharp word, not for swearing,
Right beside her husband's candle
There's a door without a handle
In a box, no lid or locks
Lackless keeps her husband's rocks
There's a secret she's been keeping
She's been dreaming and not sleeping
On a road, that's not for traveling
Lackless likes her riddle raveling

Boy's version

Seven things stand before
The entrance to the Lackless door.
One of them a ring unworn
One a word that is forsworn
One a time that must be right
One a candle without light
One a son who brings the blood
One a door that holds the flood
One a thing tight-held in keeping
Then comes that which comes with sleeping.

In the Chronicle[]

Kvothe learned the first version from a girl playing hop-skip, while he was still a child. When his mother, Laurian, heard him singing the song, she appeared to be dismayed about the sexual content, saying:

"“The difference is between saying something to a person, and saying something about a person. The first might be rude, but the second is always gossip.” [...] “Also, Lady Perial is just a character. Lady Lackless is a real person, with feelings that can be hurt.”"

After Kvothe and his party of mercenaries successfully defeated the bandits led by Cinder in the Eld, they meet a group of performers on the road. A boy from the group sings him a song he's heard about the Lackless family.

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