Kingkiller Chronicle Wiki

The Kingkiller Chronicle Wiki operates with an administration made up of a number of community members. These people are listed below and should be contacted according to rank if their help is needed. You may contact them by writing a message on their wall.

List of users

User Position(s) Join date Status
Current team
LunaSol Founder, bureaucrat, administrator April 13, 2009 Inactive
Gaylesking Bureaucrat, administrator December 10, 2009 Inactive
Ivorydoom Bureaucrat, administrator February 5, 2015 Inactive
Ohmystars Bureaucrat, administrator March 22, 2015 Semi-active
Cörey Bureaucrat, administrator June 22, 2015 Inactive
Reshidaan Administrator September 5, 2023 Active
Former members
Huffdogg Administrator November 30, 2011 Inactive
Sstern51 Discussion Moderator April 1, 2015 Inactive
Ziggelly Administrator June 27, 2015 Inactive

User positions


Rollbackers are members of the wiki who have been given the special power to quickly revert, or rollback, edits made by other members of the wiki.

  • To be eligible to obtain Rollbacker status a wiki member must show interest in the promotion or another contributor must elect them. An Administrator will then review the member's edits and will ask the other active wiki administrators on their opinion in regards to the user receiving Rollbacker status. If the majority of Administrators vote yes than the member will receive the promotion. 
  • Once obtained users are required to continue editing on the wiki. If an Administrator decides that a Rollbacker is no longer performing adequately in their position as a moderator then they will have their Rollbacker status removed.


Administrators are trusted wiki users who have been given several extra abilities on the wiki.

  • To be eligible to obtain Admin status a current wiki Administrator must elect them to obtain Administrator status. Another Administrator will then review that user's edits and will ask the other Administrators if they believe that user should be granted promotion. If the majority of Administrators vote yes then the request will be passed along to the most active Bureaucrat who will then decide on whether or not that user deserves Administrator status.
  • Once Administrator status is obtained users are required to continue editing on the wiki. If an administrator is no longer adequately performing their Administrator duties then they will have their status removed at the discretion of the most active Bureaucrat.


Bureaucrats are the highest rank administrators of the wiki. They have the ability to promote, demote, or decline Administrator, Rollback, and Chat Moderator statuses. They have access to all wiki controls including article and comment deletion.