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"Master Hemme was the king-high bastard of the lot. He took delight in student’s discomfort and did everything he could to badger and unsettle them. He had a fondness for trick questions."

Master Jasom Hemme is the current Master Rhetorician and Chancellor at the University.


Master Hemme is described as the King High Bastard of the University Masters, with a smug smile.

In The Chronicle

Master Hemme is notable for being the teacher who is the most antagonistic towards Kvothe from the time he arrives at The University.

In The Name of the Wind, Hemme brings charges of malfeasance against Kvothe, after his attempt to embarrass the new student backfires during a sympathy lesson. This incident results in Kvothe's public whipping, which is partly responsible for his nickname "The Bloodless."

In The Wise Man's Fear it is revealed that Master Hemme also does not get along with Master Elodin, whom he thinks insane and irritating. In the end of narrative, Master Linguist, Arthur Herma falls ill and Hemme assumes the role of Chancellor at the University. Whether Hemme's role as Chancellor is permanent or temporary remains unknown.