Illien is considered the most famous and talented of the Edema Ruh ever to live. He is mentioned to have written a large portion of the Ruh's songs, and to have attained skill at the lute that no one could ever dream of matching. He is to the Edema Ruh the closest there ever will be to a god; all entertainers aspire to be like him.

Illien is the composer of "The Lay of Sir Savien Traliard", the song Kvothe performs with Denna as second voice in The Eolian , where he wins his talent pipes. Illien also created the troupers lute, taking it from the large and cumbersome courts lute to the versatile and powerful instrument it is today.

Oddly, Illien is known to Felurian while other heroes such as Taborlin the Great are not. This suggests either Illien having visited the Fae , or being one of the Fae himself.

In the Plot

Illien is mentioned once again when Kvothe is admitted in the University , Lorren asks him who is the greatest man in all history, and he chooses Illien, to Master's Lorren surprise.

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