"Hillside is where people are rich."

Hillside is a wealthy borough of Tarbean.


Hillside and Waterside are the two main parts of Tarbean, and for the most part they do not mingle. Hillside, in stark comparison to Waterside, is clean, well kept, and free of crime. This is courtesy of a small but quite strict police force. This regiment of guards keeps the streets free of beggars as well as pickpockets. The nobility of Tarbean make their homes here, as do more respectable and well-to-do merchants.

In The Chronicle

Kvothe learns his lesson about begging in Hillside the hard way. During his time in Tarbean he enters the upscale neighborhood a single time and collects a silver penny from a noble woman. The merchants of Mill Street see this and call the guard. Kvothe does his best to escape but gets trapped in an alley, where the guard proceeds to beat him into unconciousness with his brass-bound club. It is after this episode that Kvothe nearly dies in the snowy streets of Tarbean but is awoken, and subsequently saved by a man dressed as the demon, Encanis, setting a forboding tone over the scene.