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"Do you know why they call this place the Rookery? [...] Because it's where you go if you're a-ravin'."
Elodin about Haven[1]

Haven is the mental asylum of the the University.


Haven is also known as "The Rookery" and "The Crockery" by students. It has the capacity to hold around 500 patients. It is described as being huge, with vaulted ceilings, a polished marble floor, and thick wooden doors.

In The Chronicle

Due to the strain and subject matter of material studied at The University several students have succumbed to mental ailments or illnesses. Approximately 350 people are currently patients of the establishment and it is said that one or two members of the arcanum are admitted every year due to stress. The most famous among these is Master Elodin, who was admitted during his tenure as Chancellor. In the Chronicle he personally narrates the story of his apprehension and subsequent escape to match that of the folkloric tale of Taborlin the Great.

In The Slow Regard of Silent Things, the main character, Auri, seems to fear the building, specifically never turning her back to it.