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Valaritas, also named as The Four-Plate Door, is a four-plate stone door located in the Archives of The University. The door can be accessed by climbing down several flights of stairs through a maze of corridors and shelves in the Stacks. It is located in the only section of the stone wall in the entire building which is not lined by books.


In The Name of the Wind, Kvothe describes it as follows: "It was made of a solid piece of grey stone the same color as the surrounding walls. Its frame was eight inches wide, also grey, and also one single seamless piece of stone. The door and frame fit together so tightly that a pin couldn't slide into the crack.

"It had no hinges. No handle. No window or sliding panel. Its only features were four hard copper plates. They were set flush with the face of the door, which was flush with the front of the frame, which was flush with the wall surrounding it. You could run your hand from one side of the door to the next and hardly feel the lines of it at all.
In spite of these notable lacks, the expanse of grey stone was undoubtedly a door. It simply was. Each copper plate had a hole in its center, and though they were not shaped in the conventional way, they were undoubtedly keyholes. The door sat still as a mountain, quiet and indifferent as the sea on a windless day. This was not a door for opening. It was a door for staying closed.
In its center between the untarnished copper plates, a word was chiseled deep into the stone: valaritas."

In The Chronicle[]

What is behind the door remains secret for most of the people of the University. Kvothe, on discovering the door, tries to peer through the holes in the copper plate but seems unable to look what exactly is behind the door. Elodin claims to know what's behind the door to Kvothe. He takes the door jokingly and laughs saying that it holds little secret and one doesn't need to go behind it while on the other hand Puppet takes the door quite seriously and gives a stern look to Kvothe saying the door is not the concern of any student.

Fela admits she had a dream about the door once where she sees a tomb of an old dead king named "Valaritas" behind the door, while Kvothe admits to see lights coming through the keyholes in his dreams.


  • It is speculated that The Doors of Stone, the title of third novel, actually refers to the four plate door as it is also made of stone.
  • It's possible that Fela's dream about the door is true to some extent.
  • It is speculated that the Ergen Empire is behind the door.


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