In the doctrine of the Tehlin church, Encanis is the enemy of Tehlu and the most powerful demon in all existence.

In The Chronicle

He is described as having a face all in shadow, and a voice like a knife in the minds of men. Before Tehlu hunted him down and banished him nearly a thousand years ago, Encanis roamed the world causing as much mayhem and destruction as he could. He was chased by Tehlu for eight days destroying six great cities on the first six days, and was prevented from destroying a seventh on the seventh day. On the eighth day he was caught and struck down by Tehlu's hammer. Tehlu then forged a massive iron wheel, to which he tied Encanis' body before the demon awoke. After a day of celebration, Tehlu approached Encanis, offering him the same choice he did to all the corrupt humans of the world. Encanis refused Tehlu's offer, and Tehlu cast him and the wheel into a pit of fire, where he burned. Soon, Encanis broke the bonds that held him to the wheel, but Tehlu threw himself into the pit and held him down, burning his mortal body and sending Encanis into oblivion. During the Winter Pageant, the celebration of the new year, there are Seven Days of High Mourning. On the first day, a swarm of demons (in some cases these are represented by moderators of the pageant, such as Kvothe's troupe; in others, demon masks are sold to townsfolk) is unleashed upon the town, causing varying levels of mayhem. These are led by a black masked citizen chosen to be Encanis, who is pursued by another chosen citizen, who wears a silver mask representing Tehlu. Tehlu travels the city, catching the demons, and on the Seventh Day of High Mourning, Encanis is caught and the new year begins.

Outside Tehlin canon, several folklore stories seem to indicate that Encanis may be Haliax, the leader of the Chandrian. Some of these stories also indicate that this same villain was once the legendary hero Lanre.

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