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"I had asked him what E'lir meant once. He claimed it meant "wise one," but I had my doubts from the way his mouth had quirked when he said it."
Kvothe about Abenthy's meaning of E'lir[1]

E'lir is the introductory rank in the Arcanum.


The word E'lir means "see-er", and using it as a title is meant to express that the holder is recognized as seeing that there is more to the world than meets the eye. More specifically, they acknowledge the existence of techniques for manipulating forces of energy through disciplines The University teaches.

It is generally expected that a student will spend six terms as an E'lir before moving on to the rank of Re'lar. To be promoted to Re'lar, a student must first master the basic principles of Sympathy, as well as gain sponsorship from a Master.