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"Look at the huge Goddamn dragon!"
Denna to Kvothe[1]

A draccus is a large herbivorous reptilian creature, known for their ability to breathe fire. They are commonly believed to be the inspiration for most dragon mythology in the Four Corners.


The draccus' diet consists mainly of trees, and as such they live in densely forested areas. However, they are by no means confined to one area. They regularly roam within the general vicinity of where they live in. Their ability to breathe fire, combined with their choice of habitat, would, as one may imagine, result in some difficulties; however the Common Draccus has a natural penchant to put out fires by dousing them with its enormous body. The scales of the beast contain a vast amount of iron, believed to be due to the rocks the Draccus consumes to help digest the trees it feeds on. The Common Draccus is best detailed in The Mating Habits of the Common Draccus, by Devan Lochees.

In The Chronicle[]

Kvothe and Denna encounters a Draccus while hunting for Master Ash in the forest surrounding Trebon. While Kvothe quickly assures Denna they have nothing to fear from the beast, it is subsequently discovered it is addicted to denner resin. This makes the creature far more aggressive and unpredictable. While hiding from the massive animal, Denna mistakes raw denner resin for syrup. While she is saved from an overdose, she absorbs enough that she is rendered insensate with euphoria, delirium and eventually, exhaustion and unconsciousness. Kvothe is forced to leave her behind when the Draccus wanders towards Trebon, after being attracted by the lights and bonfires of the local harvest festival. Kvothe attempts to stop the beast by first tempting the creature with large amounts of raw denner resin, hoping that it would die of an overdose. Unfortunately, the draccus's habit of eating burnt wood neutralizes the drug sufficiently to prevent a fatal reaction. With the draccus still alive and rampaging through the town, Kvothe makes another attempt, using sympathy, to dislodge and direct the massive iron wheel hanging from the front of Tehlin Church to collapse onto the beast. This proves terminally effective and thus saves the town from further damage. The townspeople then destroyed the corpse, believing it to be a demon.

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