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"I went looking for a legend and found a Lizard."
―Chronicler about the draccus[1]

Devan Lochees (PR: /'deɪvæn 'lɑkiz/)[2], formally known as The Chronicler, is a well-known traveler and scribe in The Four Corners of Civilization.


The Chronicler is an accomplished scrivener, having devised his own shorthand to write as quickly as a man can speak. He travels The Four Corners of Civilization, collecting stories and working as a scribe.  The Chronicler has a fairly scholarly demeanour and is currently the apprentice or colleague of Skarpi.  He is also a member of The Arcanum and one of a handful of people to know the true name of Iron.  Chronicler's real name is Devan Lochees, who is best known in the narrative as the author of The Mating Habits of the Common Draccus.

In The Chronicle[]

After being attacked and robbed by former soldiers on the road, Devan is saved from creatures named Scrael by Kote. He wakes up at The Waystone Inn, and after a short conversation, finds out his savior is none other than Kvothe. Chronicler then convinces Kvothe to allow him to write his life story.

During the interludes, we find out that it was actually Bast who brought the Chronicler to the Inn by spreading rumours of his location. Bast hopes that having Kvothe tell his story will remind him of his true identity.  Bast threatens Chronicler several times, saying that he should help Kvothe focus on the fun and adventure in his past, otherwise he will rip his heart out.


It is speculated that Chronicler is possibly one of Master Lorren's gillers. This is somewhat supported by the fact that he travels the lands in search of stories and is world-wise, as exhibited by his first encounter with the soldiers. Chronicler also makes mention of returning to the University, while noting that he and Kvothe were never there at the same time. Based on the name, it is speculated that Lochees could also potentially be a branch of the Lackless family.