Denner resin is a highly addictive substance derived from the sap of the denner tree. It causes euphoria, but it also induces deliriousness, disorientation, and loss of feeling. The last makes it a formidable painkiller, but only refined and in prescribed amounts. It is an extremely potent poison, and so addictive as to compel addicts to great lengths to obtain it. In The Name of the Wind, Kvothe witnesses a teenage girl dance naked in the snow in return for denner resin. Denner addicts, or "sweet eaters" as they are called, can be recognized by their extremely white teeth, which is a side effect of the resin.

Large cities such as Tarbean have crime problems related to sweet eaters and their willingness to go to any lengths in order to obtain the resin.

Denna inadvertently consumed a large amount of denner resin while exploring the woods near Trebon with Kvothe, and he has to treat her for a potential overdose. She recovered without any lingering effects.

Kvothe used a hoard of denner resin in an attempt to kill a draccus in Trebon. Ultimately, he uses sympathy to kill the draccus.

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