Dedan is a Vintic mercenary who usually works with his companions Hespe and Marten. They were contracted by Maer Alveron and helped Kvothe and Tempi in their mission at The Eld.


Dedan is a large, physically imposing man, an archetypal mercenary. He wears hardened metal-studded leather armor ill cared for, but functional. His sword is heavy and crude, a reflection of Dedan's own appearance.

Coarse, surly, and most often rude. Dedan is more clever than he looks and had a good tongue in his head when he chooses to use it. He is as quick to laugh as he is to anger.


Dedan is the primary cause of problems for Kvothe during his mission into the Eld for the Maer.  He challenges Kvothe's authority largely due to his youth. It is not until their mission is virtually complete that he begins to view Kvothe as a superior in any fashion.

He is the love interest of Hespe. Pining over her for the majority of his presence in the story. Marten confides that this has been going on for some time, but that when it began Hespe had shown no sign of reciprocating the affection.

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