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Ceald was the first nation to develop a standardized currency, and it remains the only form of coinage that is freely accepted throughout the Four Corners of Civilization. The official denominations are the iron drab, the copper jot, the silver talent, and the gold mark. The conversion system is decimal; ten drabs make a jot, ten jots make a talent, and ten talents make a mark.[1]


Historically, the Cealdim used bars of metal for trade, as this was a plentiful resource for those living close to the Shalda Mountains. As full metal bars were inconvenient for traders to carry, they began to cut them into smaller pieces of roughly equal size and weight, and these pieces slowly developed a standard value. Although Cealdish coins are mostly cast individually today, they're still made in the shape of a cross-section of an ingot.

A treaty known as the Quiat Auriam, developed after the collapse of the Aturan Empire, enforces the standard exchange rates between currencies, and allows the Cealdish government to police, legislate, and punish forgeries anywhere in the Four Corners. Under this same treaty, the Cealdim have the exclusive right to lend and exchange coinage.[1]

Unofficially, as the iron drab is made of steel and is therefore still relatively valuable even as the lowest-valued coin, it's common to use coins made of cheap iron, known as shims. These coins are exchanged based upon their individual weight in metal, and it takes between 11 - 14 shims to make a drab.[2][3]

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