Ceald is a country in the Four Corners of Civilization. It is located in the northwest, with the Commonwealth to its south and the Aturan Empire to the east. Its history stretches back two thousand years, to when Heldred united the previously nomadic peoples of the Shalda mountains. The Cealdim were the first to establish a standardized currency, and to the present day Cealdish currency can be used throughout the Four Corners.

Ralien is a major city in Ceald.


The Cealdish people are stereotypically associated with money and trade. Most moneylenders are Cealdish, and Cealdish trade caravans are also common. A number of Cealdish customs involve money as well: giving away money or even buying things is seen as feminine behavior, and money kept in your boots is for saving, not for spending.

In appearance, Cealdim tend to be dark of complexion, and men usually wear beards. The language spoken in Ceald is Siaru.

Wilem, one of Kvothe's best friends and a student at The University, is Cealdish.

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