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"Four months... That can be a lifetime if you're waiting for something."
Kote to Graham[1]

The calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes in Temerant. This is done by giving names to periods of time, including days and months. The calendar system as described in this article is only applicable to the periods of time in the Four Corners of Civilization and Ademre, as time runs differently in the Faen realm.

Year and months

The calendar year is made up of eight months.[2][3] The names of the months in each year in sequential order are known as:

# English[2] Portuguese[3]
1 Thaw Degelo
2 Equis Equis
3 Caitelyn Caitelyn
4 Solace Solaz
5 Lannis Lanis
6 Reaping Ceifa
7 Fallow Alqueive
8 Dearth Raleira

Each month is made up of four spans, or forty-four days. In addition, there are seven days of "High Mourning" (the last one being the Winter's Solstice) at the end of each year,[2][3] making a full year a total of 359 days.

Days and spans

In the Four Corners, eleven days are grouped together as a span.[2][3] The names of the days of each span in sequential order are known as:

# English[2] Portuguese[3] Spanish
1 Luten Luten
2 Shuden Shuden
3 Theden Theden Zeden
4 Feochen Feochen
5 Orden Orden
6 Hepten Haeten Hepten
7 Chaen/Caenin Chaen Chaen
8 Felling Dia-da-sega Abatida
9 Reaving Dia-do-saque Captura
10 Cendling Dia-da-pira Prendido
11 Mourning Dia-do-luto Duelo

The first seven days are simply numbered in Temic. These were the original seven days of a span. The last four days of a span have religious significance and were added during the reformation of the calendar by the Aturan Empire, relating to the story told by Trapis:[2]

  • Felling: This is the day when Tehlu felled Encanis.
  • Reaving: This is the day Encanis is seized and chained to the giant iron wheel.
  • Cendling: On this day, Tehlu's followers lit the fire that would burn Encanis.
  • Mourning: On this day, Tehlins mourn the death of Tehlu.


  • There does appear to be some distortion of days within the narrative. However this detail is the most conclusive fans have been provided. It can be safely assumed any inaccuracies are simply textual errors.
  • Temerant's years have, on average, 6.241 fewer days than ours. This might mean the characters can reach ages slightly greater than we can (in terms of years, not time) or, conversely, that they age a little quicker. It could also simply mean that Temerant's days are very slightly (25 Earth minutes) longer than ours. The last is the most likely, considering that Kvothe talks about his own age in a way identical to how someone from Earth would.


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