"Why would I want to win anything other than a beautiful game?"

Bredon is a Vintas noble who lives at the Maer's court and befriends Kvothe by teaching him the game of Tak and teaches him the court customs of Vintas. He is described as a gentleman down to his bones, and his hair and beard are pure white, cut to the same length.

In the Chronicle

During the time Kvothe spends in the Maer's employ, he grows quite bored waiting in his rooms for the next summons by the Maer. He looks forward to Bredon's occasional visits and the game of tak that they play with each other. Although Kvothe is no match for Bredon's skills in tak, the latter insists that the point of tak is not to win. It is to play a beautiful game.

Bredon offers Kvothe a gift of three rings to use in court, using the same expression as Bast in The Name of The Wind: "These are yours without obligation, let, or lien. A freely given gift." This possibly hints of his knowledge of Faerie traditions.

Bredon never identifies himself as anything other than "Bredon," something he couches in jest about Kvothes secret role and rank at the Maer's court. He has free access to the Maer's palace where Kvothe is staying, so it is likely that he is well placed in Vintish society.
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The three rings Bredon gives to Kvothe

Kvothe occasionally references a Bredon beer, brewed in a place called Bredon. It is possible that this place falls within lands that Bredon owns, and he might be making a nickname of a title, something like Baron or Duke of Bredon.

While receiving "gossip letters" from the court, Kvothe receives a letter stating that Bredon is involved in pagan frolics. Due to this letter, It's unlikely that Bredon had lied about his name to Kvothe, as the letter about him descibed himself simply as Bredon, without anything else to it.


Bredon might be Denna's Patron, Master Ash.

Bredon could also be Kvothe's grandfather, as Kvothe has a skill to make snap judgements when meeting new characters that later turn out to be true. He describes Bredon as 'grandfatherly'. This would make sense if Bredon was also Laurian and Meluan Lackless's father and present at court to negotiate Meluan's marriage with the Maer.

The marriage negotiations are unlikely, however, since Bredon was present prior to the Maer's courting Meluan. This places Bredon in a unique position, as he is poised to be a noble and an Amyr. It is acknowledged that the Amyr are present and alive and this is supported by the Cthaeh saying that "The Maer, however, is quite the extraordinary man. He’s already come close to them, though he doesn’t realize it. Stick by the Maer and he will lead you to their door." This could indicate a physical proximity rather than a detective closeness.


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